After a training in Stage Design and subsequently working in repertory theatres, followed then by an equally long spell in the Special Effects department at the B.B.C, I eventually moved away from the urban centres of gainful employment to the more rural pace of life in Herefordshire.
The H.C.A Portfolio Course provided me with a timely reminder of the importance that ‘making’ has for my creative wellbeing, so that the hat I wear is one of designer/maker rather than as a pure artist.
Further and ongoing courses at the Malvern Art College have encouraged and helped me develop much of my output and consolidated my natural expression through the medium of sculpture.
It is my belief that what I do now should encourage others to give any creative opportunities and have a go!

Working primarily in clay, and wax for my bronzes, I continue to be pre-occupied with all the subtlety of the human form but I do like to sculpt pieces that are ‘doing something’ or to put it more pretentiously ‘relating to their landscape’.
Though the majority of my pieces are unique they are also mostly small in scale which has the advantage of making them affordable so that they may be appreciated in any home, or might even be the perfect present!

Simon Macdonald